She Found Out Her Best Friend Was Having An Affair, So She Plans To Tell Her Friend’s Husband The Truth

Maria - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Do you ever wish someone you knew didn’t share a secret with you because it’s too uncomfortable or wrong to keep?

One woman and her partner are planning to tell her best friend’s husband that she’s been having an affair after being told about it recently. Now, she’s starting to wonder if she’d be doing the right thing.

She and her partner, Greg, are in their late 30s. They’re in a friend group with her 38-year-old friend, Anna, and Anna’s husband, Darren.

Greg and Darren are especially close, and she and Anna have been good friends since high school. For over ten years, they’ve all spent time together as one big family, celebrating holidays, birthdays, etc.

Anna and Darren have kids together, and she figured they were fairly happy until Anna recently confided in her and revealed she’d been having an affair for the last six months. To make matters worse, she’s having an affair with someone Darren knows.

“At the time, I remained nonjudgemental and supportive, [but] once the information set in and I realized how disloyal and gross the whole situation is, my sense of justice and moral compass came into play,” she said.

Anna told her Darren was a wonderful husband and father but that she wasn’t feeling a romantic connection anymore, which was why she had been secretly fooling around.

Anna claimed she wouldn’t be able to afford to divorce or separate from Darren, which she found ridiculous, considering she has plenty of money to spend on expensive beauty treatments.

The secret of Anna’s affair started eating away at her, especially because she knew she needed to tell Greg about it. After all, if Greg one day discovered she had known about the affair all along, he’d be extremely upset with her.

Maria – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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