She Wants To Tell Her Boyfriend To Stop Sitting Around And Clean Up His Living Space Because He’s Let It Get Really Dirty

Daniel - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 21-year-old woman and her boyfriend, who is 20, have been dating for five years now, but they don’t yet live together. Rather, her boyfriend actually still lives with his parents.

“He originally had plans to move out of his parents’ home, but then the economy took a turn for the worst, and it didn’t work out financially,” she explained.

In the past, he also used to keep his room pretty clean. More recently, though, the state of his living space has gotten quite bad.

Whenever she goes over to his house, there are always dirty clothes all over his bed and floor. There are also days-old food wrappers and boxes that, apparently, her boyfriend “insists” on keeping.

Finally, there are even backpacks still packed with clothes and souvenirs from trips that he took months ago.

At first, she thought her boyfriend might be struggling with his mental health, and his motivation to keep his room clean might’ve been impacted.

“But we are always very open and honest about our mental states,” she said.

“Also, he takes two college classes a week and works from home, so he should have time to clean his space up.”

Despite that, she sometimes goes over to his place after work, asks what her boyfriend did all day, and finds out that he was just sitting around playing video games.

Daniel – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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