She Was Last Seen By An Employee Before Disappearing From Her Business In 2020: Her Home Security System Was Later Found Tampered With, And Her Safe Was Missing

Facebook - pictured above is Brenda

Born on August 31, 1972, Brenda Matissen of Arlington, Texas, was known by her family as a committed and responsible single mother. She also owned her own commercial concrete company known as AllTex Coring and Sawing.

By the time Brenda was 47-years-old in 2020, she and her boyfriend were living together in her Arlington home. However, on April 8 that year, she mysteriously disappeared.

That Wednesday started off normally, and Brenda headed to her concrete business – located at 716 Spring Miller Court in Arlington. Yet, after last being seen by an employee, Brenda disappeared and was never heard from again.

What’s most puzzling is that no one knows how she even left her business. At the time, Brenda’s truck – a black and blue 2002 Chevrolet Avalance – was being repaired following some transmission issues. So, it remains unclear what means of transportation Brenda used to leave her business that day.

Moreover, once Brenda was reported missing, and an investigation was launched, a strange scene was discovered in her home.

Prior to her disappearance, she had a home security system installed at her residence with cameras both inside and outside. But, after she vanished, the hard drives were discovered ripped out of the wall, and a large safe went missing.

Brenda’s business was targeted as well. There, company vehicles, backup computer hard drives, and heavy-duty tools and equipment were stolen.

To this day, it is unknown who took these items and where they ended up. Additionally, Brenda’s personal belongings, such as her purse and cell phone, have never been found.

So, the exact circumstances surrounding Brenda’s disappearance remain unknown, and her disappearance is still unsolved.

Facebook – pictured above is Brenda

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