She’s Getting Called A Bad Friend For No Longer Sharing Her Car With Her Roommate

maxbelchenko - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 20-year-old woman currently lives with her friend, Sarah, who is also 20. They first met while in college. Then, they decided to become roommates in order to save some money on rent.

“And everything has been smooth sailing until recently,” she said.

The problems all began about a month ago when Sarah’s car broke down. Then, due to financial issues, Sarah was not able to get the car fixed.

So, she started giving her roommate rides to work, and wherever else Sarah wanted to go. She honestly didn’t mind helping out occasionally, either.

“However, it’s starting to feel like Sarah’s relying on me more and more,” she admitted.

All of a sudden, Sarah began asking to borrow her car to visit friends or run errands. In the beginning, she also said yes and thought it wasn’t a huge deal.

But Sarah has begun using her car much more frequently lately, and it’s making her pretty uncomfortable. She worked really hard to save up for her car – which is relatively new.

“I’m also worried about the wear and tear, as well as potential accidents that could happen when I’m not the one driving,” she added.

That’s why she finally decided to confront Sarah yesterday and explain how she’d prefer if her car wasn’t borrowed anymore. She said that she was still happy to give her roommate rides whenever she could, but she just wanted her own car so she could both complete her errands and have some peace of mind.

maxbelchenko – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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