She’s Sick Of Another Gym Goer Always Bringing Their Unleashed Dog To Her Pilates Class

Christian - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

This woman recently started going to Pilates classes at a local studio about six weeks ago, mainly because she thought it would help her back problems.

To get started, she took a few individual classes to learn the machines and get a feel for the workout flow. Then, she decided to take the plunge and get a full membership.

“I now go about once a week at various times that fit my work-from-home schedule,” she said.

But, while the classes are great, there is one member who’s really started to get on her nerves – because, apparently, they always bring their dog to the Pilates class.

To be clear, she is a dog person and actually wouldn’t mind if the dog was leashed or somehow kept near its owner’s side. However, the member never restrains their dog.

Rather, the pup is brought into the studio, unleashed, and just makes its rounds while they’re all setting up for their workout.

“The dog is basically chill during class – she brings a bed for it to lay in – but again, at the end of class, it’s up and about getting in the way of us cleaning up, putting accessories away, etc.,” she explained.

Aside from the Pilates class, she knows that the member even brings the dog to another Barre class, too. There, she’s seen videos of the dog doing laps around people as they’re trying to work out.

“I’d honestly [freak out] if I was trying to concentrate on a workout move and a dog was running around. If I wanted a dog to interrupt my workout, I’d work out for free at home with MY dog,” she stated.

Christian – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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