She’s Treating Her Wedding Guests Like Children By Saying They Can Only Drink Two Drinks While Sitting In Their Assigned Seats

Jettanut - - illustrative purposes only

This woman is getting married soon, and what she chose to put in her wedding invitations is earning her some major backlash from her friends and family.

She didn’t tell anyone on her guest list that the invites would contain a surprise: they’re not having an open bar and mailed out two drink tickets to everyone instead.

The reason why she doesn’t want an open bar is because a lot of her family members drink a lot, and it makes her uneasy.

So the solution that she and her fiancé have come up with is a drink ticket style service so she can control how much alcohol her guests are consuming at her reception.

Actually, the ticket system applies to non-alcoholic beverages as well, so her guests will only be permitted to have two drinks at her wedding.

Her wedding venue maintains that people do this frequently for weddings, and they had actually suggested it to her.

“With the invitations was a card with the expectations one is to expect from the ceremony and the reception,” she explained.

“I didn’t want to shock people when they arrived, so I figured the cards would be a nice, classy heads up for our guests.”

“The drink service bit of the card said, essentially, that alcoholic drinks were limited to two per of age guest, the “tickets” are non-transferable, and like the other beverages offered, would need to be ordered from your seat at your assigned table. Drinks were also to be enjoyed at your assigned table.”

Jettanut – – illustrative purposes only

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