You Can Get Your Nails Done Before Your Flight With These Robot Manicure Machines That Are Popping Up In Airports

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Have you ever had an important event to prepare for but, because of everything going on in your life, couldn’t get everything you wanted done beforehand?

For instance, I’m always bad about squeezing in a mani-pedi before an event like a wedding or birthday party. Sometimes, I’m just too busy to sit at a salon for one to two hours or forget to make an appointment.

Then, the day of the event comes, and I’m scrambling to paint on a coat of polish I have sitting in my cabinet. While it may do the trick in a pinch, I’m no professional, so my nails don’t end up looking as good as I’d like them to.

Now, there’s a nifty machine that will change the game for those who need a manicure in a pinch.

It’s the Clockwork Robot Manicure machine, a machine that can give you a stylish and colorful manicure in just 10 minutes.

The Clockwork Robot Manicure machine charges customers $10 for a manicure completed in 10 minutes. So, how does it work?

When you choose to get a manicure from the Clockwork machine, you can choose from a wide array of polish colors. Then, the machine has you clean and remove any existing product on your nails.

While the machine does not shape and file your nails or manage your cuticles, products to do so, like nail files and cuticle sticks, are available for you to do yourself while sitting at the machine.

Then, when you’re ready, the machine will give you clear instructions on how to let it give you a manicure. The machine helps you steady each finger while its fascinating robot technology delicately paints and fills in your nails with your selected color.

smile35 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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