A Restaurant Owner Tried To Steal His Beautiful Date After They Split The Dinner Bill

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When a guy is out on a date with a beautiful girl, he may notice that some other guys around him wish they could be with her instead. However, not everyone makes a move.

One man recently went viral on TikTok after recalling how a French restaurant owner tried stealing his beautiful date while dining at his restaurant.

TikTok creator Justin (@justinassada) went on a first date with a girl he’s had a major crush on for a while now when she was visiting his city. It turned out to be the “weirdest first date experience” he’s had.

Justin knew this girl through social media and was super psyched when she agreed to go on a date with him while spending time in his city.

He took his date to a nice French restaurant, and the date started out fabulously.

“From the time we step in the door, everything is perfect,” says Justin.

“They give us the best table in the restaurant, the service is great, [and] the food is wonderful. We [were] quite literally the last people in the entire restaurant just because we’re having such a wonderful time.”

When they finished their meal, a French man approached their table to ask how everything was. He was a small man with a thick French accent who revealed he was the owner of the restaurant.

Justin noticed that while he and his date were describing how great everything was, the owner didn’t care about what he had to say at all. He only kept his eyes on Justin’s date.

anastasianess – – illustrative purposes only

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