He Said He Didn’t Have Any Problem Dating Younger Women To Avoid Going Out With Single Parents, But His Friend Called Him Shallow

Vadim Pastuh - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 33-year-old man was in a four-year relationship that ended sort of recently. Following his breakup, he wasn’t too eager to get back out there, either.

However, three months ago, he decided to download Hinge, and he’s since had some great conversations with women. He’s even taken some out for drinks and had a couple of “casual flings.”

So, while he was catching up with some friends last weekend, they asked if he was dating again, and he filled them in on everything. They also inquired about how dating has changed for him since he was last single years ago.

“One thing I mentioned was just that a lot more of the people my age were now parents, so avoiding that is harder, and I have to get used to a bigger age range to date, whereas, before every relationship I’ve had, we’ve been the same age,” he explained.

Well, one of his 32-year-old friends named Mandy was there, and she is separated from her husband with two children. She seemed pretty offended by his comment as well and asked him to explain his thought process further.

At that point, he essentially told Mandy how he’d changed his age range on dating apps to be from 26 to 33. This is new for him because before, he would have kept the age range to maybe one or two years around his own age.

Anyway, Mandy wound up accusing him of being “shallow” for trying to avoid dating single parents. She also claimed that no 26-year-old would want to date “someone like him” anyway, so he should just “suck it up” and realize there is nothing wrong with becoming a stepfather.

He clarified that he honestly doesn’t have anything against single moms. But, he still argued back against Mandy since she was wrong about no younger women being interested in him – and he told her that.

“Nah, I’ve had no issue with matching and getting younger women to want to go out with me. Nothing against single parents, but I’ll happily just date younger since I don’t want to sign up for that,” he said to Mandy.

Vadim Pastuh – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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