Talking Robo Personal Robot Teaches You New Languages

1_imgLearning a language is something a lot of us want to get around to doing, but software like Rosetta Stone and regular old books are boring to use. Instead, how about having a robot teach you a new language? Talking Robo is a personal robot that can teach you to speak a new language, and it will even speak to you like a native speaker. This little bot features speech recognition and it understands natural language when you speak to it. It will also suggest what topics to talk about for practicing. On top of that, Talking Robo also features face recognition so that when the robot converses with a user, it will recognize the user’s face and be able to understand the user’s profile in order to converse with the user more appropriately.

This robot is so smart that it can even recognize images. So if you show it an image of an airplane, it will provide you with the correct pronunciation of the word airplane. Last but not least, the Talking Robo features a Beam projector for displaying novels and even watching movies, it also has an English dictionary and Encyclopedia, the ability to connect to the internet for updates and making calls, and you can even use it remotely to keep an eye on your home and kids.

3_imgTalking Robo is available in many different shapes and sizes, including a Panda type design named Anthony, a robot named Samuel an much more. Unfortunately, Talking Robo is not out yet and there is no word on his release date.

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