Research Finds That Hourglass Syndrome Causes Intense Stress for PC Users


Have you ever experienced moments where you just want to pound on your computer in frustration because it is running too slowly? We’ve all been there at one time or another. Intel has attached a fun name to this – they are calling these experiences “Hourglass Syndrome”, which is just another way to describe moments in your life when technology can’t keep up with you.
A recent study by Harris Interactive, that was sponsored by Intel, found that 80% of U.S. adults get frustrated waiting for technology and that 51% have behaved out of character because they were frustrated while waiting for technology. Amongst those 51% who admitted to this, 62% admitted to even yelling or cursing out loud at their technology when their tech that cant keep up with them. 29% also acknowledged hitting their mouse and 24% admitted to banging on their computer screen and keyboard. The study also reveals that in addition to the increase in stress and frustration caused by Hourglass Syndrome, sluggish tech often causes people to miss out on something while their waiting. For example, 13% said they missed out in participating in an online sale, or purchasing an airline, or concert ticket while waiting for technology.  Intel’s remedy for this syndrome? Their new 2010 Core processors.

The study also concludes that the average person waits 13 minutes a day a year for technology, which is a total of 3 days for the year. Intel asks – how would you use that extra 3 days each year? And while we’re on the subject, check out their Smash-a-Glass game which should help take some of your frustration on sluggish tech out. Let’s just hope that you don’t have an old PC that can’t handle the game!


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