New Star Wars MIMOBOTS Include Yoda, Hoth Luke, Wampa and Snowtrooper

As part of the new series 6, MIMOCO has come out with four new Star Wars Empire Strikes Back-themed MIMOBOT USB Flash Drives. These new characters include Yoda, Hoth Luke, Wampa and Snowtrooper. As always, each of the characters come preloaded with special preloaded desktop wallpapers, icons, avatars and screen savers.

Leading the charge is the last remaining Jedi Master, Yoda MIMOBOT. Awesome, he is. Protect your data, he can. Of course, every great teacher needs a student, so Luke Skywalker joins the series, dressed for the cold, frozen wasteland of Hoth. But while he’s on Hoth, the Wampa MIMOBOT emerges, a stealthy predator ready to attack anyone who tries to steal his data. The last new character of the bunch is Snowtrooper MIMOBOT. Specially-trained Stormtrooper infantry divisions, Snowtroopers wear customized armor to handle cold weather climate extremes. They look cool as they stay warm — but since they’re Stormtroopers, they still can’t shoot straight.