HSTi Wireless Media Stick Will Soon Stream Media from Android Devices

This week HSTi will unveil the Wireless Media Stick Android mobile app that allows the Wireless Media Stick to now stream your stored movies, music, and photos from any Android powered Smartphone or Tablet to your media player anywhere.

Attaching to a wireless router, or your Smart Phone’s or Tablet’s built in Wi-Fi Access Point, the Wireless Media Stick basically acts as a wireless bridge that plugs into the USB playback ports on media players, game consoles or set top boxes like, a TV, PS3, Xbox, DVD/Blu-ray player, WD TV, O!Play, Google TV, etc and presents the shared files from the Smart Phone and  Tablet. The media player reads the file as if it was stored inside the Wireless Media Stick, but the file resides in the original location. When the user instructs the media player to playback the file, the file is streamed from the original location, wirelessly.

The Wireless Media Stick Android App will be available on the Android Market at the end of January. Meanwhile, the Wireless Media Stick is available today for $119.99.

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