iPhone App of the Week: Have a Seat in the Director’s Chair with CollabraCam

If you’ve got a group of friends or a bunch of family members who happen to be Apple die-hards, guess what? Now you can make your own little movie production studio, with Apptopus’ CollabraCam. The owner of the app (the director) can connect to as many as four other iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad cameras. From those four live feeds, the director can piece together a movie and edit in real-time, complete with the ability to give silent director’s orders to the other four camera operators, like going in for a certain angle, or going on standby for the next shot. You can play back your movies right after you’re done editing, and can save and export them in three different sizes. Usually, the app is available for $9.99 off of the iTunes App Store, but in celebration of the release of the iPad 2, you can get it now for $6.99. Of course, the caveat is, each device needs to install the app for itself, but if you’ve got a group willing to pitch in on their own, you can get to making your masterpiece.

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