RCA Releases Hybrid Portable Digital TVs

Since the digital TV transition in the U.S., we haven’t seen all that many portable TV models show up, but with RCA’s latest Hybrid Portable televisions, that might change. These new hybrid models are amongst the first portable TVs to have reception for both Mobile DTV and standard digital TV signals. Mobile DTV in particular is already available from over 70 local broadcasters. And now, RCA has four different hybrid models lined up and ready to go on sale. That includes a 3.5″ DMT335R model for $119, which is available in pink, white or blue and comes with a LED backlit LCD screen and closed captioning. Then there is another 3.5″ model (DMT336R) for $159 that features a widescreen and FM radio. Next is the 7″ DMT270R model for $179 which features a 800 x 480 widescreen resolution, and finally there is the DMT3BR Pocket Mobile DTV Car Tuner/ Receiver. This car tuner, which retails for $129 and is designed to connect to a car’s infotainment system.

And if you’re wondering what channels you can receive in your area on these new TVs, you can check local service availability at www.OMVC.org.

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