iLuv iSP10 is an iPad 2 Case with a Built-in Speaker

iLuv may not be the first case manufacturer to do it, as we have already seen an iPad 2 case with a built-in speaker come out from iHome in the form of the rather bland iHome iDm71 case. However, iLuv is certainly offering up a more fun selection of iPad 2 cases with built-in speakers. That is because their ISP210 Portable Stereo Speaker Cases comes in a myriad of different colors, we’re talking about gray, blue, green, orange, tan, white, black, red, pink and aqua.

The case itself promises to be protective while also providing “hi-fidelity” sound. Somehow, we doubt that the speakers on this case can provide a cinematic experience, but just about anything is an improvement over the super weak speaker that is built into the iPad 2. Really, that speaker is such a pain to use – in semi noisy environments, even at its loudest volume, it is pretty unusable. Which is why a case with a built-in speaker helps kill two birds with one stone.

The case also requires four AA batteries to operate. Pricing is TBD. Oh, and Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab owners rejoice – a similar case, called the iSP230 will also be available for the Tabs, however it will only be available in a choice of pink or black.


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