ColorWare Drives a Wedge Between You and Other iPad Stands

Is your iPad 2 so fussy that just an average stand won’t do. Well ColorWare is so fond of making iPad accessories. Remember the Grip and Grip 2? That they have now made the Wedge for your iPad 2. The Wedge is basically an indestructible stand because of its billet aluminum construction.  So go ahead and throw it against the wall…it won’t break but your wall may have a big hole.

The wedge consist of four different viewing angles for your tablet that will make reading a book, watching a movie or just answering emails a pleasurable task. Your device can also sit in the Wedge in either portrait or landscape.

Like all ColorWare products the Wedge can be customized to your liking. The text on the stand can be customized,  each individual slot can have its own color and the wedge itself can be painted whatever color suits your fancy.

The best part is that it will not only hold both generations of the iPad but other tablets as well. So they too can look spiffy while being perched up. The price for the Wedge is $200 because frivolous  purchases only come around once a year.

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