iPPeel Turns the iPhone 4 into Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

We have seen our share of crazy and unique iPhone cases in our day, but the iPPeel takes the cake. But in many ways, the iPPeel is so much more than a case. What the iPPeel actually is, is a back cover for the iPhone 4 that houses a whole cell phone inside. Clasp it onto your iPhone 4’s backside, and you get a dual-sim phone – essentially transforming the iPhone 4 into a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Because on one side you have the iPhone 4 in all of its microSIM glory, and on the other side you have the iPPeel with its full size SIM card and old school phone innards!

But wait, things are about to get even more complicated, because the iPPeel itself is a dual-sim phone! That means that the iPPeel is actually transforming the iPhone into a triple SIM phone! And don’t expect the phone inside of the iPPeel to even begin to compete with the iPhone, because the phone itself inside of the iPPeel is a super old school phone that can just barely handle basic calls, text messaging and such. Fortunately, this phone operates on its own battery power, and won’t suck any of your iPhone 4’s precious battery power.

The iPPeel Three Sims Case for iPhone 4 from Vrone retails for $69.90 and it is available in both black or white.













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  1. I just got my iPhone 4s with IOS 5.0 and i can not Jailbreak the phone, BTW i just won the phone from here if I remember correctly, getappleproductsforfree(.)com please help me with a tutorial.

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