Frack! I Look Hot in This Battlestar Galactica Double Tank Top

You have to appreciate a show that makes costume time this easy.

If it’s authenticity you want from your Battlestar Galactica costume, you have no choice but to go in on this double tank top. It’s just a pair of tank-tops – a brown tank and a grey sleeveless shirt – but the tones and look of both nail the standard crew outfits from the show.  Better yet, the set is being produced by Anovos, the source of official costumes for Battlestar Galactica – accuracy is to be expected.

The tank top set should be a must for your next convention. Next time you need to start shouldering your way through crowds, you can pick up the pace and act like there’s an emergency that needs attending to. Authenticity! You can suit up with the Battlestar Galactica Double Tank Top for about $40 on Amazon.



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