I/O Denim Jeans Makes Sure Nothing Gets Between You and Your Smartphone


I/O Denim has yet another take on the smartphone pocket, releasing a pair of jeans with a looser side pocket making extraction of your smartphone not a chore.

The first pair to come out of I/O Denim is a pair of slim fit jeans with the company’s I/O pocket. It’s a loose pocket about halfway between the hip and knee that fits smartphones as big as 4.8” in screen size.  However, if you wanted to stick your iPad Mini in this pocket, you are out of luck. They’re 100 percent cotton, and for now only come in dark indigo. If you’re a fan of jeans, you’ve probably already had to deal with trying to fish your phone out of a way too tiny pocket, and forget about trying to dislodge that thing while you’re sitting down. This seems like a comfortable option.

The I/O Denim pair of jeans is available now for $115, and can be ordered in 32 x 34, 33 x 34, 34 x 34, or 36 x 34.

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