Superman Man of Steel – IMAX 3D Review

What ever happened to Clark Kent, intrepid daily planet reporter?

Zack Snyder’s take on the Man of Steel, AKA Superman, has returned to the big screen in the shape of Henry Cavill – who is so easy on the eyes, he might make yours melt. But while we appreciated the eye candy that is the new Superman, we wish the movie was as enjoyable to watch as is the male lead.

That said, there might be a reason why this movie was called ‘Man of Steel’ versus just ‘Superman’, and that is because this reinterpretation is completely new in flavor and storytelling, and it’s a sharp contrast in comparison to the classic Christopher Reeve/George Reeves versions. Sure, some of the classics tenents are still around – for starters, doom and gloom still comes to Krypton and sets in motion Kal-El’s deployment for earth. But in ‘Man of Steel”, we watch as young Clark Kent goes down a darker path trying to find himself and how to deal with his emerging powers.

How do you control something that seems to have taken control over you? The conflict between his ideals and using his power for good puts him at odds with human society, and even his father. That constant conflict between father and son makes this movie’s launch on Father’s Day weekend all to perfect.

The conflict ultimately leads to tragedy, and from that point on, a much scrappier Clark struggles to find himself in a world that isn’t ready for him.

But what starts out as a potentially powerful and moving film, unfortunately takes a sharp turn for the worse. Amy Adams’ does a pretty good job as 2013’s version of Lois Lane, and she certainly breathes fresh air into a character beloved by many. This Lois is no fool and Superman knows it.  It’s just too bad the movie couldn’t just continue down Superman’s path of self-discovery more. Instead a film with great potential turns into another summer action flick with way too much boom – boom – smash – smash. Buildings fall, streets are destroyed and you get lots of the usual comic-book movie action fair.  That said, watching the Man of Steel in IMAX certainly adds to the intensity of the camera movements and sizeable destruction. But as far as a 3D film, the 3D felt weak.

We also find out that Superman really knows how to scream! I mean he could give the Hulk a run for his money.

Is Man of Steel a grittier Superman film? Yes. Did Henry Cavill get it right? Yes and No. While Brandon Routh reminded us of Christopher Reeve, Cavill has brought his own personality and darkness to the role that was needed. And it only helps that he is incredibly enjoyable to look at. It’s just sad that the overall story couldn’t have been something more out of the box, especially since it could potentially fill the void that the Dark Knight series has left behind.




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