Incipio ATLAS Waterproof iPhone 5 Case Review


We all love our iPhone 5, but we too often neglect to protect it properly from the elements. Fortunately, Incipio’s ATLAS Case is designed both for clumsy folk, as well as for adventurous types. This super tough case provides multiple layers of protection for your iPhone, effectively protecting it from water, dirt and drops. And it manages to do so without adding too much bulk at all.

But for us, one of the things that really makes the Atlas case stand out amongst other rugged and waterproof iPhone cases, is that it comes in a choice of several color combinations – including white/pink. The case itself weighs just 2.24 ounces and isn’t very bulky either. It’s also easy to get your iPhone inside the Atlas, and pretty easy to remove it too.

We drop tested the Atlas and put it through its paces. The Atlas is able to protect the iPhone in water up to 2 meters (6.56 feet) for up to 1 hour. We took it with us to the pool, the beach, and even on a kayaking adventure, and our iPhone 5 walked away unscathed. Unfortunately, we did notice, that while submerged in water, or while being very wet, the iPhone’s display became inoperable. We would have to dry off the display to use the iPhone again. This is disappointing, but a relatively fair price to pay to guarantee your iPhone’s safety in the pool. And aside from water, ATLAS should also protect your phone from the dirt, snow, the bathtub, kids, and in other similarly arduous environments.


Incipio includes a fair and very much appreciated accidental water damage limited warranty with the ATLAS case. This warranty provides you with 1 year of protection and means that under certain conditions, not only will Incipio replace your damaged iPhone, but that they will even offer a replacement ATLAS case. Unfortunately, this warranty is only available for U.S. customers.


The ATLAS Case manages to be dustproof, shockproof, and waterproof, while still looking good, and not weighing you down. While we wish that our iPhone 5 display would keep kicking while submerged in water in the case, the ATLAS still offers a great balance of protection, style and price. To that effect, the Atlas case can be found for as little as $58 on Amazon. But the price of not having to freak out that your kid just dropped the phone in the toilet? Well, that is just priceless. The ATLAS for iPhone 5 should also work fine for the upcoming iPhone 5S.

Buy it!

The Good: Comes with a 1 year warranty that covers accidental device water damage, available in several color choices – including pink, not too bulky considering the amount of protection it provides, and case has been drop tested in accordance with military standards.

The Bad: Limited warranty is only available in the U.S. and display becomes unusable when submerged in water.

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