Remind101 Sends Homework Reminder Text Messages From Your Teacher


Remind101 is a new free app that will knock yet another item off students’ ever-shrinking list of excuses for not getting their work done on time. Not that ‘I forgot’ was ever really a valid excuse, but it’s definitely not going to fly with teachers who use this app.

Remind101 is a one-way text messaging service just for teachers, which they can use to send mass reminders to their students about upcoming tests or due dates. Of course, that’s assuming that all of the students have their own phones, which, granted is becoming a safer and safer assumption. For students who don’t have their own phones, teachers can send reminders to parents, as well.

Either way, the teacher is protected. Their real phone number isn’t used, and there is no way for parents or students to respond to the texts, because that could get ugly pretty quick. It’s also convenient – teachers can just use the app to schedule reminders to be sent out at a later date.

The service and the app is free. Students, parents, and teachers alike can sign up now and download the Remind101 app for iOS or Android.