Marvel’s Inhumans Gets a Television Premiere Date

The two episodes that will be shown at IMAX theaters starting September 1 will air on TV, too.

If you’re interested in checking out Marvel’s latest network TV show, Inhumans, but you don’t really want to go out to an IMAX theater to see the first episodes, good news! ABC has confirmed the premiere date for the show, and they’ll start with the two episodes headed to theaters.

Inhumans — the other secret society of mutants from Marvel comics — originally started out as a movie slated for phase three of the MCU. Somewhere along the line that changed, as the movie turned into a series that, for now, will last eight episodes. The first two will still come out in theaters, though — starting September 1, both will be shown in IMAX.

If you don’t catch those episodes in IMAX, ABC will show them for the series premiere on September 29, with the episodes airing back to back. While we’re sure the experience will be more thrilling in IMAX, that’s an expensive movie ticket, so it’s nice to see that viewers won’t have to go to theaters to get the full story.

As before, we’re really interested to see how this movie turns out. Most Marvel TV shows have revolved around either characters without powers or characters whose powers (usually strength or enhanced fighting abilities) don’t take a lot of special effects to put on screen. The Inhumans have more fantastical powers (Medusa can control her hair, for one), which could be a challenge for a TV budget. We’ll find out how they’ve managed to make things work in a few months!

Marvel and ABC have also released a poster for the announcement, putting Iwan Rheon’s villainous Maximus the Mad front and center.

Via Yahoo