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    Researchers Say Glitter is Not Fabulous and Should Be Banned Forever

    The shine is officially off glitter. The drumbeat is getting louder as more and more people worldwide call for the sparkly stuff to be banned altogether — kindergarten and nail polish may never be the same! Some may disagree. Scientists: Ban Glitter! Me: pic.twitter.com/3fapHq5nhv — Mike (@mikolph) November 22, 2017 So, did glitter-dusted postcards end up […]

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    Microsoft Joins Fight Against Bear Bile Farming

    In China and much of Southeast Asia, bile from several species of bear, particularly one colloquially called the moon bear, is an expensive commodity. The bear’s bile, or its entire gall bladder, in some cases, can fetch lucrative sums on black markets, due to its reputed importance in traditional medicine. The interest in the bear’s […]

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    World’s Most Expensive Flip Flop Costs $18K

    Ok, so shoes may not technically be a gadget. But like gadgets, they are also a girl’s best friend. And this is why we have to talk about the world’s most expensive Flip Flop. This absurdly expensive pair of beach-friendly shoes are not Manolo Blahniks,  but they are actually from Chipkos and were hand-painted by […]