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    The Earphone Tidy is All Ears for Your Headphones

    I guess it’s true that losing your earphones around the house is sometimes a problem. The Earphone Tidy is a very loud way to solve that problem for good, because I think it’d be pretty hard to lose track of this thing. It’s just the latest in an earful of accessories we’ve been hearing about. You […]

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    New Novelty Earbuds Celebrate Throwback Tech

    The keyboard might not exactly be retro, but I wonder how long it’s been for a lot of us since we’ve seen one of those keyboards with the boxy, white keys. Probably not that long, actually. Ancient history in computer years, though.

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    Exclusive Hands on with the Monster Turbine Pro Earphones

    Monster once again, wants you to feel the music not just listen to it. In a private gathering last night we got a chance to sample the Monster Turbine Pro. Previously we had reviewed the Monster Turbine In-Ear Speaker and as much as we liked that ‘in-ear speaker’ there was something missing,  it didn’t quite […]