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    Samsung Shows Off Legitimately Ridiculous New 4k Televisions at CES

    Just about every television maker under the sun is going to be doing their best to blitz consumers with new terms like 4kTV, ultra high definition, and OLED. That includes Samsung, which unveiled a few new televisions saddled with those monikers this week at CES. The Samsung UHD S9 is the madman running the asylum […]

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    Sharp Unveils Largest LED TV to the Horror of Wives Everywhere

    In news that is going to have many wives, and I suspect even many husbands, asking, “Really?,” Sharp has unveiled its staggering 80” (yes, eighty) AQUOS  flat-panel LED/LCD TV. Naturally, a behemoth like this is only going to sporting the best tech – 1080p HD video with 1920×1080 resolution. And, because why not, it has […]

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    Officially Licensed Capcom Street Fighter IV HDTVs, but Why?

    Google’s Google TV announcement might be making a lot of buzz in the news today, but it isn’t the only interesting TV announcement to make it across the wire. Roundtable Concepts has announced their new series of Officially Licensed Capcom Street Fighter IV’ HDTV’s. This launch comes after the success of their Officially Licensed Marvel […]