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    Talkies Are Plush Wi-Fi Based Walkie Talkies For Kids

    Toymail is a company dedicated to making communication between families a little more fun — considering their main competition is the telephone, there’s plenty of room to do that. Their debut product, the Mailmen, were little plastic toys that served as Wi-Fi connected walkie talkies. Kids could use those to talk with parents remotely, or […]

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    X-Doria KidFit is a Fun Wearable for Kids

    Fitness trackers – not just for adults anymore. Following the announcement of Leapfrog’s LeapBand earlier this year, X-Doria is coming out with KidFit, a more fashionable choice probably better for tweens. The LeapBand is bigger and has a color screen for animations, which is why it’s suggested for ages four to seven. But, once kids […]

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    Griffin Adorable App Toys Are Now Android Friendly

    Griffin brightened up CES 2012 today with new enhancements to its already crazy popular app-powered toys. They expanded their user base by adding to the Hello TC,  Android compatibility. These look like great fun for all ages. Here is a rundown of the various toys: HELO TC Assault- Six live fire missles can be launched […]

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    I AM T-PAIN Mic Review

    Oh, auto-tune – love it or loathe it, many of your favorite artists like Britney Spears, Countess Luann, Selena Gomez, and countless others would have stalled careers without it.  Unfortunately, the I AM T-PAIN Mic from JAKKS Pacific won’t turn you into any of your favorite performers, but it will make you sound a whole […]

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    Barbie Can Have a Pink Tablet too!

    If you can have a tablet, why can’t Barbie? Well now Barbie can at-least have a Barbie Fashion Tablet anyway. Styled to look a bit like the Apple iPad,  the Barbie Fashion Tablet is pink all over and even sports a QWERTY keyboard with stylus.

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    Awkward Family Photos Blog Gets Their Own Board Game

    The popular and very addictive blog, Awkward Family Photos, now has their own board game. The game comes with never-before-seen Awkward Family Photos along with open-ended questions that will entertain the whole gang when they get together on game night. The game also features a double-sided game board with 62 photos on each side and […]

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    Care Bears Get Rebooted in CGI for 2013 TV Show

    Are 80’s cartoons hot again? I know I have been watching Jem and the Holograms re-runs on The HUB recently. Judge me – I don’t care! But now it looks like one of my other faves from the 80’s is making a come back – the Care Bears! Yes, those cuddly bears that charmed on […]

  • angrybirds


    Angry Birds Playground Balls Are Ready to Terrorize Dodgeball

    The Angry Bird merchandise madness is still going full steam ahead, and the latest Angry Birds merch comes to us in the form of an eight and a half inch Red Bird and Pig rubber playground ball. Can you imagine playing dodgeball with these guys? Either way,we definitely wouldn’t want to be on the Pigs’ […]

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    Toy Fair 2010: Avatar i-TAG Technology Delivers 3D Augmented Reality within Your Budget

    Avatar, one of the year’s hit movies has prompted the creation of many a toy, but none as spectacular as Mattel’s line of Avatar toys complete with i-TAG augmented reality technology. This amazing Avatar toy line of action figures features the flick’s characters, vehicles, and more from James Cameron’s blockbuster. The action figure toys are […]

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    Toy Fair 2010: Disney Pixar Announces New Toy Story 3 Toys

    An excited crowd of adults, kids, and kids at heart, anxiously awaited the launch of the latest line of Toy Story 3 toys, announced today at the New York Toy Fair. Disney set the tone for the product launch by completely transforming a normal looking space in an adult playground filled with toys, overstuffed chairs, […]