MommyTech TV – Hands on with MySkin, The Skin Tracker For Your Face

The tech industry’s just trying to put everyone out of business these days. Now, dermatologists might just start feeling the heat from devices like MySkin’s OKU, the first smart skin coach.

Like most smart devices, OKU combines a device packed with sensors and an app that records, digests, and analyzes data. It’s become a very well-worn formula for startups, and OKU fits it to a tee. We already checked out OKU at CES 2015, but we got a little more information from Rahul Mehendale and Sava Marinkovich of MySkin, who told MommyTech TV’s Rebecca Levey what we can expect from the skincare device when it ships this spring.

OKU will analyze 13 different factors that go into skin health, including moisture levels, oiliness, elasticity and firmness. Then, like any good smart device, the app will look at that information over time and give you personalized suggestions on how to keep your skin healthy and glowing. And, if you have any doubts, you can keep track of the readings yourself to make sure that those suggestions are actually causing a change in skin health.