Jawbone Files Suit Against Fitbit – Again

Oh, you though Jawbone was done lawyering up? No, they’re just getting started — the ink has barely dried on their first lawsuit accusing Fitbit of corporate espionage, yet Jawbone is already plunging into round two, filing a separate suit against Fitbit over patent infringement.

Late last week, The Wall Street Journal reported that Jawbone is claiming that Fitbit infringed their patent for “a wellness application using data from a data-capable band,” which is funny, because on the surface, it sounds like every fitness app infringes on that patent. More details will likely come out about the nature of that patent once the lawsuit gets underway, but either way, it appears that, for whatever reason, Jawbone has singled out Fitbit in its legal offensive.


It’s an aggressive legal offensive, too. Not only is Jawbone seeking damages, they’re looking for an injunction to halt sales of Fitbit devices and may file a complaint with the International Trade Commission to stop import of Fitbit products worldwide. Jawbone is obviously shooting for the stars here, and it’s likely they’ll fall far short of what they’re seeking. Still, considering that one of the juicier tidbits to come out of the first lawsuit was an executive consultant claiming that “Fitbit’s objective is to decimate Jawbone,” it seems like Jawbone is adjusting their corporate strategy to match their rival’s.