Here Are the 17 Upcoming Live-Action Disney Film Remakes and Spin-offs

Just in case you thought Beauty and the Beast was the last of it.

Have you ever gotten into arguments over who would be perfectly cast for every Disney princess? If you have, you’re probably going to be validated or disappointed sometime in the near future. With MaleficentCinderellaThe Jungle Book, the two Alice in Wonderland movies, and now Beauty and the Beast in the books, Disney’s only getting started. With all of those movies in the black besides Alice Through the Looking Glass, there’s not much reason to slow down! Here are the live-action remakes and spin-offs of animated classics we know they’re working on — the tip of the iceberg, in other words. But, only one of those remakes has a set release date, and it’s…


This is what we’ll be seeing next come November 2, 2018. Interestingly enough, no casting decisions have been made yet (some movies coming later have their stars aligned already), but we do know a little about it — Niki Caro is directing, it will have Asian actors and actresses in the leading roles, and there won’t be any singing. If you wanted a new version of “I’ll Make a Man Out of You,” I don’t know what to tell you.


We’re not totally sure about this one. Similar to Maleficent, this movie will tell the other side of 101 Dalmatians. Not sure how you make a deranged dog hater sympathetic, but hey, maybe they don’t have to! We know that Emma Stone will be bringing Cruella to life and the director will be relative newcomer Alex Timbers. There’s been talk of Cruella getting a 2018 release date, but that’s unconfirmed.

The Lion King

Disney does have a live-action release scheduled for August 3, 2018. They distinguish live action fairy tales (the princesses) and live action movies, so we suppose The Lion King could fit the bill. Jon Favreau is already on as director, James Earl Jones is returning as Mufasa, and Donald Glover has been cast as the new Simba. Production is to begin in May of this year, so you have to figure this will be one of the earlier releases.

UPDATE 04/26/2017: Disney has announced that The Lion King will be in theaters July 19, 2019.

The Second Jungle Book

If The Lion King doesn’t come to theaters on August 3, 2018, this probably will. Conventional wisdom says it’d be difficult to get Bill Murray, Ben Kingsley, Neel Sethi, Scarlett Johansson, and director Jon Favreau together again so quickly, but with how successful the first one was, Disney could probably wave its magic money wand and make it happen. In fact, word is Favreau is to direct The Second Jungle Book immediately after The Lion King, so it seems like late 2018 could actually be in play — otherwise, 2019 seems certain.

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