2018 Chevrolet Traverse Review: Chip Chick Takes A Texas Road Trip With It!

Chip Chick partnered up with Chevrolet and sent Ashley and friends on a Texas road trip! From Austin to San Antonio, and everywhere in between, we think Ashley got the full Texas road trip experience! Below are the details of Ashley’s Austin, TX road trip, and what she really thought of the 2018 Chevy Traverse.

Our 2018 Chevy Traverse road trip kicked off in Austin, Texas where the Chevy team greeted us (with a taco truck on-site) and walked us through our ride for the weekend. I got to chat with some of the people that helped design the new technology and sleek look of the Traverse.

We milled about in the city of Austin for a while, complete with some vintage and hat shopping. I got to see what city driving was like with a car as big as the Traverse … not so daunting as it turns out. The car can turn on a dime, which is super handy for navigating through narrow streets and one-ways.

The safety features on the exterior of the car are pretty impressive too; the Traverse was completely aware of its surroundings (even when we weren’t). With full front and rear collision alerts, we were up to speed (pun intended) with Austin traffic.

And though we didn’t experience this first hand, the chevy traverse will asses imminent danger and impede the impact of a collision by gently braking for you when it senses a car or pedestrian in your path. Pretty cool.  

We headed out towards San Antonio, but not before truly putting our faith in GPS. We ‘explored’ the Texas countryside (AKA got lost… on purpose). We found a lot of tall grasses and windy roads. We met some incredibly kind people, curious about our endeavors and sleek ride. I learned that the Traverse’s built-in wifi is likely limitless… we had a constant connection regardless of how far we digressed from the route. This was a key factor for those timely Instagram posts and texts from mom.

A note on GPS/the smart dashboard: The traverse comes with its own GPS system OR you can plug in your phone and view your own apps. The car is compatible with apple or android. There’s also a display for the Chevy app (mylink) in which you can customize features and control other cool things, like unlocking your car from your phone.

We got back on the road and landed safe and sound in San Antonio for the evening. We made big plans to take on the roadside the following day.

“The Traverse’s built-in wifi … was a key factor for timely posts and texts from mom.”

I brought my guitar along, and we perused Texas in search of adventure and wildflowers (mainly). We made our way up to the notorious “Windy City Loop’, about an hour north of San Antonio.

We even got to meet a local (a REAL Texas longhorn!!)

Pretty Roomie – storage is nothing short of impressive in this vehicle. We had room for snacks and outfits for the day for our whole team (four of us), cameras and equipment, a guitar, and a full-on midday tailgate. If you have a family, this means room for kids, groceries, toys and more without feeling crowded. For a lively twenty-something (such as myself) it means future road trips with room for friends, friends of friends, and at least two coolers.

“Room for kids, groceries, toys, and more without feeling crowded.”

Next up was Duchman Family Winery, about 30 minutes outside of Austin. It was stunning and completely packed, so the guided parking and backup camera came in extra handy. The day was filled with wine tasting and Adult Jenga… it doesn’t get much better than that!

This was also around the time that I conducted some completely intentional ‘research’ on the stain-resistant seats…take my word for it, they are in fact very stain resistant! Great news for moms, better news for those of us who are always spilling our beverages.

We headed back for the evening, preparing to depart the next day, though not before stopping for some proper Texas BBQ. On the way back to the hotel I got to have fun with the safe driving texting features, which is BIG news for anyone with a teen, or anyone attached to their smartphone. When your phone is connected to the car, it alerts you to receiving a text and tells you who it’s from.

You can choose to open the text, in which case the car will read it to you and ask if you want to respond. You can’t actually see the texts, everything is audio and verbal, so your eyes stay on the road at all times. I was skeptical of how well the car could dictate for me, since Siri and I sometimes have communication issues. However, I was very impressed with the technology. The car accurately picked up language, punctuation, and even emojis!

Exploring Texas in the 2018 Chevy Traverse was such an awesome experience, I’m glad to have had the opportunity. 10/10 would recommend this vehicle to a friend. Between safety, space, and design, it’s a great fit for those both families and those of us who are kids at heart. Kudos Chevy!