This Woman Says She Thinks She Accidentally Slept With Her Boyfriend’s Brother And Now She Seriously Needs The Internet To Weigh In

A 24-year-old woman is saying she thinks she accidentally slept with her 27-year-old boyfriend’s twin brother…

…And now she seriously needs the internet to weigh in on what happened.

“Okay, I’m worried I’m being paranoid here but I can’t shake the feeling something is off,” she started out by explaining.

“I met my boyfriend at university a few years ago through mutual friends. We hit it off instantly and we’ve been dating seriously for two years now.”

“I knew my boyfriend (Mark) had a twin (Lucas) as he introduced me very early on. The two of them are very close but very different.”

“Mark is definitely the more outgoing of the two.”

“Lucas has always acted a lot quieter to me. In our circle of friends, Mark has always been the one in the spotlight while Lucas tags along.”

“I’ve asked Mark before about Lucas and he told me that he’s shy and didn’t have many friends growing up outside of Mark.”

“It makes sense since he really seems to struggle to talk to people and it took months for him to say more than a few sentences to me.”

“A few weeks ago we were out at a bar for a friend’s birthday. Mark and I were there so of course, Lucas was too.”

“I’m not a big drinker usually but I ended up being bought quite a few cocktails that night, so that might be where the confusion is coming in.”

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