Rare Photos Of Drew Barrymore The Internet Has Never Seen Before

So, Drew and her mom Jaid would dance and party together at Studio 54 nearly every night of the week. It was there that Drew started getting into drugs.

Drew later recounted in her book Little Girl Lost that she was going from club to club at only 10-years-old.

The media quickly caught wind of this and everyone was talking about what a party girl young Drew had become.

When Drew hit 12-years-old, she had already gone to rehab for alcohol and drugs, though it wasn’t successful for her.

A year later, her mom Jaid decided to institutionalize her since she hadn’t been able to stay clean of anything.

Drew spent the next year and a half of her life getting the treatment she needed, only to wind up back in a hospital shortly after she got out for trying to take her own life at 14-years-old.

LOS ANGELES – FEBRUARY 27: Actress Drew Barrymore poses for a photo at a cafe on February 27, 1990 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Michael Grecco)
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