6-Year-Old Strangled To Death Hours After Being Abducted While Playing In Her Yard And She Was Inside Her Killer’s Home While Police Searched It

Upon looking closer, authorities could see that there sticking out of the dirt was part of Faye’s body.

When the dirt had been moved away, Faye was lying there with a white-colored trash bag tied around her neck.

An autopsy revealed that Faye’s cause of death was due to ligature strangulation from the trash bag tied to her neck.

Additionally, the coroner indicated she had been killed at 8 p.m. the day she went missing, and her body had only been buried for just a few hours before she was found.

Faye’s burial site was located 200 feet away from Coty’s place, and as soon as her body had been discovered, Coty was found dead with a neck wound and a bloody knife on his back patio.

His roommate found him and yelled out to nearby authorities. This was no coincidence that Coty was found dead at the exact same time Faye was found.

An autopsy report indicated that Coty took his own life, however, he never left behind a note for his reasoning.

In the aftermath of Coty’s death, authorities went back to look through his townhouse and discovered in his kitchen the same brand of trash bag that was tied around Faye’s neck.

They also found a receipt showing that Coty had purchased soil and gardening tools. Some of the soil was inside Coty’s place, and although it was of a 50-pound bag of soil, it was close to empty.

The receipt also showed Coty bought Pop-Tarts, and wrappers for those Pop-Tarts were found along in the same garbage can that Faye’s boot and the ladle were inside of.

When the ladle was DNA tested, the results came back indicating it had Faye’s DNA and Coty’s DNA on it.

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