She’s Going Viral For How She Got Back At An Ex For Lying And The Internet Says It’s A “Total Gossip Girl Move”

Just when you thought Gossip Girl was all fake…

A young woman is going viral for how she got back at an ex for lying, and the internet says it’s a “total Gossip Girl move.”

The whole show in case you need a recap is about a blogger who posts all the latest gossip surrounding a group of well-off Upper Eastsiders.

In a plot twist none of us guessed, Gossip Girl ended up being Dan.

The plot twist on this young woman’s story is pretty much just as good!

TikTok; pictured above is the young woman telling her story on TikTok

A young woman who uses the name emzieees on TikTok posted the video, which quickly went viral.

She explained that while she was in college, there was a Snapchat account that dished all the latest dirt on fellow students.

You could send a photo of who you wanted dirt on to the Snapchat account and get everything they had on them.

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