She’s Going Viral For How She Got Back At An Ex For Lying And The Internet Says It’s A “Total Gossip Girl Move”

Is this not modern-day Gossip Girl?

TikTok; pictured above is emzieees

“When I was in college, my university had this like unofficial Snapchat page that everyone would send stuff into and…”

“…Each picture would get like 6 or 7 thousand views like every story that they posted.”

Emzieees went on to share that, “One time a picture of me got posted, and it was actually my LinkedIn, and it had my first and last name on it.”

“And it said what does this Snapchat page know about this girl?”

“And I thought it was a really huge invasion of privacy and super not ok. So I called my ex-boyfriend who I knew was the one that sent it in.

“And he was like I can’t believe you would think I could do this and I can’t believe that you are that crazy that you think that I would send that in I would never do that.”

“And we had broken up like 3 weeks before and I knew for sure it was him…”

“Because I am crazy and I ran the page. This one’s for you Jacob.”

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