She’s Planning On Throwing Her Daughter A Second Birthday Party After A Special Needs Girl Ruined The First One But She Wants The Internet To Weigh In

A mom says her 12-year-old daughter celebrated her 12th birthday several weeks ago, and she asked for something specific in regards to her party.

Her daughter asked if she could invite her friends to go for pizza and a double feature drive-in movie. She then wanted everyone to play games at their house and sleepover for the night.

This mom let her daughter invite 4 friends to the party, before suggesting that she should invite a girl named Molly.

Molly is new to their area and is in the same class as her daughter. Molly’s mom had previously mentioned to this mom that Molly has had a very difficult time making any friends after they moved there.

“Molly has cerebral palsy and some developmental and intellectual delays, but overall seemed very sweet,” this mom explained.

“My daughter agreed to invite Molly, but I think it was only because I asked.”

Although Molly did seem to be a super sweet girl, she was completely terrible for the whole duration of the party.

“She cried when we didn’t get a pizza with her favorite toppings, and then stole the first slice of cake meant for my daughter,” this mom said.

“Things got worse at the movie. The first movie (Cruella) was too scary for Molly and she started freaking out and crying multiple times throughout the movie.”

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