25 Years Ago She Left A Bizarre Note Then Poisoned Herself All Alone In A Hotel Room And Nobody Knows Who She Really Was

When her stay came to an end and she had not checked out of the hotel, staff members went up to Mary’s room, and they found that she had taken her own life.

Mary was flat on her back on the hotel bed, dressed in black-colored leggings and a black shirt, with a black-colored bible open across her chest.

Mary left behind a bizarre note scrawled atop stationary provided by the hotel:

To Whom It May Concern. I have decided to end my life and no one is responsible for my death. Mary Anderson. P. S. I have no relatives. You can use my body as you choose.

When investigators were called to look into Mary’s death, they found a few things in her room, but none of them provided much information to go on.

Mary had black-colored leather gloves, her purse, perfume, Crystal Light, several velour outfits, slippers, pantyhose, shoes, an iron, a bowl from a kitchen, and cosmetics with her from Estée Lauder.

Mary had mixed some Metamucil (also found in her room) with Cyanide and drank it, ending her life.

Investigators believe that Mary could have been as young as 30 or as old as 50. She had auburn-brown hair that had been neatly brushed when she was discovered.

Mary put a lot of makeup on her face, so that could have potentially left people thinking she was older than she had been.

Mary had some scarring on her breasts, which made investigators think that she had undergone some kind of surgery. She also had a copper intrauterine device.

Mary was around 240 pounds and stood about 5’8″.

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