42 Years After She Was Found Dead Near A Road She Finally Has Been Identified And Given Her Name Back

Salt Lake City, Utah. 37-year-old Sandra Matott vanished back in 1979 and her husband was the one that reported her as missing to the police.

It was July 18th, 1979 when Sandra’s husband, Warren Matott, told the Salt Lake City Police Department that Sandra went missing eight days prior to him reporting her.

Warren said that Sandra was last at a Salt Lake City bar before she simply disappeared. As investigators began looking into Sandra’s disappearance, there wasn’t much for them to go on.

And then, a detective at the time tried to follow up with Warren about Sandra’s case, but the detective could not get a hold of Warren.

Salt Lake City Police Department; pictured above is Sandra Matott

One month and one day after Warren had first contacted the authorities about Sandra being missing, several people that were out hunting came across the remains of a woman near a road named Old 91.

“There were no signs of homicidal violence to the skeletal remains,” the Salt Lake City Police Department explained in a press release. “At the scene, investigators located two pieces of jewelry, a ring and a watch.”

Salt Lake City Police Department; pictured above are the watch and ring that were found on the woman’s body

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