Dad Wonders If He’s The Worst After He Basically Missed His Daughter’s Wedding Because He Went To His Stepdaughter’s Wedding

A dad is left wondering if he’s the worst after he basically missed his daughter’s entire wedding…because he was at his stepdaughter’s wedding instead.

His daughter and his step-daughter have never gotten along well, and his daughter is quite resentful of her step-sister.

When he split up with his wife, they both had to share custody of their daughter, and so he ended up seeing his stepdaughter more.

“My stepdaughter’s biological father passed away and I’ve treated her like my own since she was 2,” this dad said.

“I love them both equally and I’ve never shown preferential treatment towards my stepdaughter, something my daughter always accuses me off.”

So, back in 2019, his stepdaughter sent out a save the date for her wedding, which was going to be held one Saturday in September.

Then, his daughter called him and said her stepsister was purposely trying to ruin her special day, because her own wedding was literally one day before her stepsister’s.

“I talked to my stepdaughter who said it was pure coincidence and that she doesn’t even talk to my daughter after all those years of them not getting along,” he explained.

He then said his stepdaughter and his real daughter both insisted he needed to walk each of them down the aisle at their weddings.

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