5 Years Ago This Teen Flew Across The Country To Move To A New City And She Disappeared Shortly After Arriving

Desperately in need of money, Morgan began working as a dancer in a few clubs, hoping that she would be able to make ends meet that way.

As she was working to get on her feet, Morgan kept in close contact with her loved ones and remained active on her social media profiles.

That all changed though on February 25th, the day that Morgan was last seen. A few days later on February 29th was the final time she posted on social media before she went silent.

“Since her disappearance, an investigation done has shown that her phone was last used on February 25, 2016,” a petition for Morgan reads.

“Her phone location was last pinged to the town where a couple, last been seen and admitted to being with Morgan around the time of her disappearance, lived at the time.”

Facebook; pictured above is the last photo of herself that Morgan shared online before disappearing

“Morgan’s last post on Facebook was a post about Club Tease, where she states, “And I work here!”.”

“It was later found that the woman she was last seen with had also auditioned with Morgan the day of her disappearance and Morgan had offered to buy her license, as required for dancers by the city of Atlanta.”

“Investigations have also discovered that the same couple had alarming posts on Facebook directly correlating to the time Morgan disappeared.”

“They are menacing, and in one, the female even posts a meme “Bob likes to kill, Bob kills for fun” tagging her boyfriend.”

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