Her Drunk Ex Showed Up On Her Doorstep The Night Before His Wedding

When he left, she couldn’t help but feel strange. She thought that perhaps she should reach out to the woman he was going to be marrying the very next day.

She only wanted to tell his future wife about what happened because if she was in the same situation she would want to know.

She did not want to ruin their marriage or relationship.

In the end, she figured it wasn’t ok for her to reach out to her ex’s bride-to-be because she did not even know her.

She did decide to reach out to her ex’s sister (who did used to be her friend) to explain that she should speak to him since he had arrived at her place drunk and upset.

She said she wanted to simply ensure that he was alright, and his sister was grateful to her for reaching out.

“She thanked me for the massage and apologized profusely because my ex has been apparently acting a fool for a few weeks now leading up to his wedding,” she said.

“She asked me if I was okay and if her brother had gone back to the hotel room because they couldn’t find him.”

She filled her ex’s sister in on him having left her place in an Uber, before adding that he sent her a message to say he got to his hotel at 11:30-ish.

His sister said thank you to her again for everything, and then she thought that was that, but then his sister called her back.

“Apparently he didn’t show for the wedding and no one knows where he is. So me telling the fiancée is now obsolete,” she concluded.

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