She Tried To Call Off Her Engagement And Steal The Diamond On Her Ring But A Jeweler Outed Her

Ok, so this is downright diabolical. A woman tried to call off her engagement and steal the diamond on her ring, but a jeweler outed her before she could go through with everything.

On a discussion about returned engagement rings, this jeweler shared his crazy story with the internet, and you need to buckle up for this one.

This man started out by explaining that he once had a couple come into his store, and their names were Mike and Stephanie.

Mike had budgeted around $20,000 to spend on the engagement ring he was planning to buy for Stephanie, and this jeweler noted that it’s actually a ton of money for a couple that young to be dropping on a ring.

He pointed Mike and Stephanie in the direction of several rings in the $20,000 price range, however, Stephanie was not having it.

She kept trying to get Mike to spend more money on her ring, and she basically begged her way to get him to drop more money on her ring.

“Finally, with enough begging, pleading, smiles, and thinly veiled sexual promises, she talks him into a 3-carat center diamond, with an elaborate setting, for around $30k,” the jeweler said.

It made him feel not so nice to have had to see that whole thing go down, but he kept out of it and wrapped up the purchase.

Less than a month after all this, Stephanie walks into his store, and she’s all by herself.


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