She Was Last Seen 6 Years Ago Accepting A Ride From An Older Man After Leaving Work: Where Is Marina Boelter?

That was the last time that anyone saw Marina, and after she failed to show up to work the following day, her coworkers reported her as missing to the police.

There were unfortunately no cameras in the IGA parking lot or close by that picked up Marina leaving for the night.

Although authorities have not named this older man that Marina had been seen with publicly, they have indicated that he has nothing to do with Marina’s disappearance.

Apparently, this older man said he drove Marina to a pizza shop that was within walking distance of her apartment.

That’s where he left her that night, and Marina’s cellphone records back up that she was at the location.

Strangely enough, just a few weeks after D.J. watched Marina get into that car, he was stabbed to death.

While it certainly does seem suspicious that D.J. was the last person to see Marina and he provided the tip about the older man, authorities have made it clear that his death had nothing to do with Marina’s disappearance.

Facebook; pictured above Marina holds her son

Despite getting multiple leads and tips from people online, Marina’s family still has not received any new information about where she went.

“I just got a message out of nowhere giving me “information” about where Marina could be,” Marina’s sister-in-law Ashley explained in a Facebook post.

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