After This Man Was Found Dead In The Water The Police Released A Photo Of His Tattoo In Case You Might Be Able To Help Identify Him

Anchorage, Alaska. On July 17th, 1980, a woman was unearthed in a timber-covered area of Alaska, close to a powerline.

She was found in the town of Eklutna, just around a mile south of South Eklutna Lake Road, and not far from mile marker two out there in the wilderness.

It’s not clear exactly how Annie was found, but when she was, she had no forms of identification on her and had been dead for about a year prior to being buried.

She was wearing jeans, a brown leather jacket that hit at about her hip, reddish-brown to brown high-heeled, knee-length vinyl boots that zipped up the side, and a sleeveless knit sweater that was either light gray, beige, or white.

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