Her Adult Boyfriend Still Plays With Toys So She Donated Them Without Asking Him And The Internet Says She Has No Heart

“He grabbed a big trash bag and started just grabbing handfuls and putting them inside. When he was almost done, I told my boyfriend what was going on and that it was for his own good.”

“He ran out and saw the room was empty and his dad with 2 big trash bags, leaving with them. He tried taking the bag and begging him to quit but he didn’t.”

“His dad said, “It’s time to grow up!”. He started crying and sat down.”

Her boyfriend was so upset, and she says his dad agreed with her over everything.

“He was sobbing, his dad put them in his car and left. He said he’s tossing them in the trash. I told my bf I was sorry but it had to be done. To think about the baby. But then he yelled at me, about how he could throw stuff I collect away.”

“He didn’t actually throw them out, just a bluff. It was actually all donated to a thrift store. Was this truly wrong of me?”

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“Pretty sure you’re about to be a single parent.”


“Hopefully the poor guy will find someone who will appreciate him and accept his hobby.”


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