She Banned Her Stepdaughter’s Husband From The House After He Ruined Her Daughter’s Proposal

A mom says that her stepdaughter’s husband Jerry maintains he’s a prankster, but he has a way of making everyone and everything just plain uncomfortable.

Her 22-year-old daughter always disagrees with something that Jerry does, and she considers Jerry to be insufferable at this point.

Her daughter’s boyfriend asked the family to help him propose, so they planned a surprise dinner at home.

Her daughter obviously didn’t have a clue about this dinner being extra special, and her stepdaughter and Jerry also were not in on the surprise.

Her daughter’s boyfriend got up to go to the living room to propose to her, and they put a blindfold on her before leading her out.

As Jerry noticed what was going on, he was remarking that they couldn’t be serious about all this.

Her stepdaughter didn’t reprimand him, and the rest of the family looked at him questioningly. Her daughter was walked into the living room and took her seat, at which point Jerry just kept going.

He could not keep his mouth shut, and made obnoxious comments as her daughter was being proposed to!

Her daughter’s boyfriend got out the box that the ring was in, as Jerry said, “No, man, go find another pond. Fish ain’t good here.”

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