She Didn’t Stop To Help After The Man Tailgating Her Got Into An Accident In The Desert And She’s Asking The Internet If She Was Wrong

A 19-year-old young woman was driving through a very rural part of Utah with her 26-year-old boyfriend.

The part of Utah she was in is very dry and hot. There’s no cell service in that area, and the closest gas station was at least 100 miles away.

She was cruising along in the right lane of the highway, and there were a few truckers on the road that passed her on the left side.

“This guy in a lifted pickup came speeding up in the left lane and got stuck behind the truckers who were beside me,” she explained.

“Then he switched lanes to be behind me and started honking and tailgating and using his high beams.”

She had her cruise control on, so she clicked it down in the hopes that by going slightly slower, this guy would go around her on the left.

The trucks were now out of that lane, but this guy kept tailgating her for another 30 seconds.

“Then suddenly he was gone, I didn’t see what happened at first,” she continued.

“Then I saw in my mirrors that he was in a ditch. I slowed down more to look and my boyfriend said I should stop so he could check on him.”

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