She’s Being Accused Of Stealing The Show From The Bride After She Was Asked To Come Up With A Surprise For The Wedding Day

Bridgette began crying but said that the surprise dance made her think back to her younger years.

Later on in the wedding, she danced with Bridgette, who explained that she did miss dancing at this point in her life.

She made her way to the bathroom after dancing with Bridgette and was met by Susan, Bridgette’s mom.

Susan basically yelled at her in the bathroom for stealing the show away from Bridgette.

“I explained, Bridgette’s cry was out of happiness, like what she explained in front of everyone,” she continued.

“But Susan explained she knew her daughter more than me, and Bridgette is just being polite because she’s “trained to be one” (I’m not sure what she meant by that).”

She then went to speak to Mike, Bridgette’s husband, to see if what Susan was saying had any truth to it.

Mike told her that although Bridgette did look happy, she completely overdid it on the surprise dance.

Mike did maintain that he did request the surprise, so if Bridgette ended up being really angry, he will take the fall for everything.

She’s now left feeling like perhaps she did make things over the top, but all she was trying to do was come up with a great surprise for Bridgette.

How would you handle this?

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